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Decentralized Storage

Decentralized Rights Affirmation

Decentralized Search Engine

NETTA is a decentralized operating system that protects Internet information sovereignty

Unlike Blockchain today that only traces ownership,
Netta is able to protect digital right, including ownership, copyright, rights to use and rights to distribute,
through its novel techniques on semantic analysis, dataflow graph ledger, and parallel consensus processing.
Through its own decentralized search engine with the capability of information rights affirmation ,
Netta revolutionizes existing advertisement model and distributes benefits to all participants.


A new generation of decentralization achieving 100,000 TPS by concurrent data flow graph

1.Netta's novel ledger is a computational framework that consists of a data flow graph and a graph computation engine. It achieves concurrent graph computation with partial order, which makes a breakthrough to DAG that can only record information through graph.

2.Each node in the data flow graph is a transaction account. Smart contracts are event-driven data ows in the ledger. Once the data stream is triggered, the corresponding smart contract is executed.

3.The data flow graph ledger is based on a novel asynchronous PGB consensus algorithm. The predecessor-based random selection BFT algorithm is highly concurrent and resistant to double spending.

4.In a 3000-node public network testing environment, the data flow graph ledger achieves 100,000 transactions per second.

New decentralized storage framework that operates on ciphertext. Through engineering it solves the impracticality of homomorphic encryption with performance superior to IPFS

1.Netta solves the dilemma that plaintext storage cannot protect privacy and ciphertext storage cannot process content. People try to use homomorphic encryption algorithms to solve this problem, but unfortunately these algorithms are still impratical. Through a novel engineering approach, Netta makes it practical .

2.Netta compares is able to compare a digital asset against the the whole Internet based on the hash of semantic segments in ciphertext. Such comparison can quantify the similarity in terms of semantics. Through the comparison,the storage in Netta does eliminate redundancy that is widespread in IPFS.

3.The decentralized storage structure consists of two trees: a semantic ciphertext hash tree (SSRAG) and a leaf node Merkel tree (SRMerkleT). It has features of tamper resistance, high concurrency, constant access time, and fast missing path localization.

Precise information sovereignty protection through semantic comparison of stored content with ledger-based consensus

1.Different from the existing blockchain technology that just records ownership, Netta can protects four different types of rights through semantics analysis: ownership, copyright, use right and distribution right, which leads to fair distribution of reputational and financial benefits.

2.The data flow graph ledger supports the rich expression and computation of semantics. With first-order predicate logic, it is able to express and store the semantic information of digital assets without loss.

3.Based on semantic similarity, nodes in Netta can reach consensus on the original work percentile of any digital asset. Based on how much a digital asset quotes from others, the account that owns the digital asset shares its benefit with other accounts. The copyright credit system is a data flow graph ledger and the benefits can be automatically computed based on such graph whenever a digital asset receives benefit.

A native decentralized search engine without redundancy

1.Different from the mainstream topical search models, Netta offers more comprehensive and accurate search based on sociology and cognitive index structure.

2.The search engine can search software code by software code, and by function descriptions.

3.Netta eliminates redundancy so the search engine does not give redundant web contents .

4.Netta's novel ranking algorithm NettaRank is based on information influence that fairly reflects the true value of information.

Netta's smart contract and their interaction are Turing-complete.

1.Not only smart contracts are Turing complete, the collaboration mechanism among smart contracts is also Turing complete. Each smart contract is an executable unit, and multiple smart contracts can form an executable group. Within the group, the execution path between smart contracts may have branches and loops.

2.The execution result of smart contract $A$ can be used as the trigger condition of smart contract $B$. Thus the execution of smart contracts can trigger the execution of one or multiple smart contracts and lead to cascade executions.

3.Based on the data flow diagram where data and code are integrated, Netta can realize complex high-dimensional functions based on cooperation of multiple groups of smart contracts with single functionality .

Three Main Components


NtaAgents are autonomous agents that are executed on users’computing devices such as laptops and smartphones. The functionality of a NtaAgent includes publishing information over internet, managing local digital resource, using DApps, collaborating with other NtaAgents to form an agent alliance.


In order to achieve information sovereignty Netta needs a large number miners to contribute decentralized storage. An NtaStorage unit stores a partial semantic hash tree that ...


Besides re-organizing internet information using NtaStorage, Netta needs miners to verify information transactions, record and disseminate transaction history, which leads to consensus.

Netta Applications

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DAC Autonomy Alliance and Token

Resource can be shared among DAC members or enable collaborations among multiple DApps. Tokens can be easily created within DAC and the benefit can be automatically distributed.

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Proprietary Database Desensitization

Proprietary database tend to store large scale structural data. Companies want to provide data service and at the same time want to avoid data leaking. To meet thisrequirement, Netta provides secure data usage mechanism through data rights certificate.

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Precise Marketing

It allows advertisers to accurately target users and reduce useless delivery. Any Netta node is eligible to participate in advertising distribution and obtain benefits. Users can receives income by browsing ads.

Netta Demo

Graphical general search

Custom encrypted search

Copyright credit

Netta App



Moshe Vardi

Chief scientist

Member of the US National Academy of Engineering and National Academy of Science, the American Academy of Arts and Science, the European Academy of Science, and Academia Europaea. Ph.D. in computer science, Hebrew University.


Anita Xie

Founder and CEO

Ten years' experience in the development of distributed agent system and search engine. Inventor of multiple patents. MBA and drop-out of the Ph.D. in computer science program, Zhejiang University.


James Yang


General chair of the IEEE international conference on software testing, verification and validation. Panelist for US NASA PostDoc fund. Ph.D. in computer science, University of Pennsylvania.


Ocean Fu

Co-Founder and CTO

More than ten years' experience in development of industrial software systems. Ph.D. and PostDoc in computer science, Zhejiang University.


David Li

Chief Architect

Former chief architect at New York Commodity Exchange, former chief computer scientist at Shanghai Futures Exchange and former senior advisor to Hongkong Exchange CEO. Ph.D. in computer science, University of Cincinnati.



NLP Scientist

Member of international natural language processing association. Ph.D. in computer science, Zhejiang University.



Ji Gao

Pioneer in distributed autonomous systems. More than 30 years’ research experience with multiple breakthrough discoveries. Professor and PhD supervisor at Zhejiang University.


Jeffrey Wernick

Ph.D. in finance and Ph.D. in economics, University of Chicago.

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